Audrey Asciutto For Florida House District 55

The Natural Choice for Florida's Heartland


Let's save half a billion dollars this year 

Affordable and accessible healthcare is possible. 2/3 of our nation has already proven so.

Audrey Asciutto

I am honored to be endorsed by local teachers, local law enforcement, and the Highlands News-Sun.

 As a mother, Realtor, and a committed member of the community I believe that the government works best when it serves the people it represents. It is time to elect a Representative from our community to serve you in Tallahassee. 

Strong Public Education

We need legislators who understand the importance of a public education, not ones who earn an F from the Florida Education Association. Our teachers are underpaid and our local school districts have suffered with the diversion of public school funding to for-profit charter schools.

It is time to put our public schools, our teachers, and our children first.

Strengthening Families

Through a strong social support system for families, protecting our children, ensuring full LGTBA+ rights, and working with our seniors we can make Florida better place for everybody. 

Affordable and Accessible Healthcare

Let's give over 700,000 working class Floridians affordable and accessible healthcare, all while saving our state money. 

Legalize Marijuana

It is no secret that Florida's current marijuana laws are outdated. Recreational use of marijuana is good for the economy, state and local tax revenue, good for our criminal justice system, and good for our personal freedoms.

Clean Energy Future

Florida is the 2nd largest energy producer in the United State but the Sunshine State only gets 2.2% of Florida's energy from solar. Let's make Florida a solar energy friendly state for homeowners and communities.


The voice of money should not be given the chance to outweigh the voice and will of the people. Our reprensentative

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The Natural Choice for Florida's Heartland

Audrey Asciutto For Florida House District 55


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